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Dana M

Your electrician is a person of initiative and integrity. Their consultative approach of understanding my requirements when taking budget in account was actually welcomed since I felt highly overwhelmed by significant task in having my whole house rewired. His expertise and knowledge gives him an ability to review the options as well as phasing of the work to give best overall advantages. Additionally, he’s personable, hard worker and honest. Work itself was very superb and I will highly recommend the company to everyone.  

Steve Leavey

You have provided me with the detailed estimate of your work before your electrician started. He & his crew proceeded to deliver what they have said and for how much that they said. Also, they left my home neat and clean. I will be very sure to hire your electrician service again on next electrical project” Your Top Qualities include: On Time, High Integrity Great Results.

Charles Reno

You beat out many competitors knowing our problem as well as proposing the cost effective solution. Whereas implementing such solution, you encountered many subproblems that took some knowledge and skill to overcome, however didn’t increase project cost. And this performance actually caused us give them the larger second contract. Lots of thanks.

John Murtha

I had the good experience with your people. They reacted very fast to my inquiries, quoted the fair rate and stuck on that price. Work was also done well, and I cannot be happier with outcome. I’m also honest approach of your technician. When assessing my problems, he pointed some thing that might have to get corrected in future (like aging panel.). He went on what my choices would be, however did NOT at all pressure me to get it done immediately – and no scare tactics and guilt trips. This was refreshing...and I know to who I may trust as go-to electrician service.  

 Jeff Fitzgerald

Your electrician guys are courteous and prompt. He worked really hard to find the solution to the problem instead recommending most expensive choice. He did the quality job at fair rate (lesser than other electrician quoted). When doing this job he repaired and noticed potential hazard without any extra cost. Will hire them again!

Joe Ledesma

Your electrician guys were courteous and prompt. He worked really hard to find the solution for my problem instead recommending most expensive option. Also, he did the quality job at the fair rate (lesser than other electrician quoted). When doing job he noticed & repaired the potential hazard without any addition cost.!

Leo Tou

You have the expert and professional installation guys at the reasonable price. The technician showed on right time and left the clean professional installation. Also, they had good suggestions for lighting as well as outlet placing. I may keep your Electrical Service in the contact list for any future work as well as reference. Keep up the good work and I am really very happy the work that you have done in our house